Bored of coming home late missing out important family events and not spending quality time with your partner and your kids because of long hours of work?

My name is Gilbert Mendoza I'm working as a service manager in one of the big transport company in Canada. Last October 2018 I visited my family in the Philippines, the last time I visited them was January of 2013. I realized that 4 weeks of vacation was too short, I didn't have time to visit all my friends and relatives and I ask myself I need to visit my parents more often spend quality time with them as they are getting older. When I returned to Canada the first thing comes out of my mind is to get a second job and have an additional income but not sacrificing freedom.

One night I was browsing my facebook and landed on a link on a facebook page watched the video and I saw somebody share a story that was similar to my own and I learned how they got out of that situation and what they did to take control of their freedom and that inspires me to take action. It amazed me that different walks of life are a member of this community how they helped each other to be successful.

The good thing is you don't need to be a computer expert to start this kind of online business, no experience required and selling is involved.

We have a step by step training modules and simple to learn, weekly master classes and the support from the community that feels like a family.

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Gilbert Mendoza